Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Amersham and Wycombe College Visit

On a day to day basis at ITV Local we deal with annoying technical issues, stressed reporters and breaking news but nothing quite prepares you for standing in front of a room of 40 teenagers - not once but 5 times in a day!

Keen to extend the ITV Local awareness in to students in Buckinghamshire I visited Amersham College on Tuesday to speak to media pupils about how they can get their work up on the website. Warmly welcomed by the head of the media department I was impressed to find the professional TV studios and animations suites the college have invested in. Equally impressive were the students.

Thrown in to the first TV and film production class it was great to see students taking an interest in the website - whether good or bad! Answering questions like ‘Why shouldn’t we just upload to You Tube’ was pleasantly challenging and it was good to see the interest grow as they saw the potential in ITV Local.

It’s just sod’s law that at times like that the thing you depend on the most is the thing that lets you down. In almost every class I visited there were firewall issues and the website didn’t work to its best ability on the big projection screens I was given to use.

That aside I felt the visit was a success. By the end of the day I had kicked away all nerves and was pleased that so many students ranging from TV production to graphics and animation were keen to send us their short films.

I hope to be receiving and uploading lots of their work in the near future so watch this space - Buckinghamshire students are out to steal it!

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