Monday, 12 November 2007

Another busy Friday...

If you'd asked me on Thursday what our main story would be on Friday, I would have told you Remembrance Sunday, no hesitation.

We'd already started to put together a list of all the ceremonies around the region and were prepared to update the site on Sunday with the latest footage... then early on Friday morning we heard of two very different events at sea which threw a spanner in the works.

First, we heard about a big sea search in the Solent after a man was reported overboard from an Isle of Wight ferry. Then, reports came in of a major threat to East Coast towns as a tidal surge was predicted to breach sea defences in Kent and Essex as well as East Anglia.

We managed to get shots of both the Solent search and Kent waves, then the sad news came in that a body had been found off the Isle of Wight and the search had been called off.

Once we'd updated, we now could focus on the tidal surge. Viewer videos and still images came in to us throughout the day via our uploads system, and we were able to pass these onto the South East newsdesk to use in bulletins and Meridian Tonight as well as feature on our front page. You can see a selection of the videos here and some stills here.

Meanwhile, channel assistant Heather, who hadn't planned on working on news that day, pitched in to pull together the Remembrance Sunday material. The whole team - even those not usually concerned with content - helped us out in various ways.

It was a busy day on three fronts, but the effort paid off - we had one of our busiest days EVER in terms of viewer visits.

Never a dull moment here at the coal face....

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