Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Lewis Hamilton and The Golden Compass

Once again ITV Local is at the forefront of what’s hot in entertainment this month! With special interviews with Lewis Hamilton and a special behind the scenes look at The Golden Compass you can’t go far wrong.

Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton made a pit-stop at ITV Local to sign copies of his new book. Watch our exclusive interview, in which he talks about his celeb status and how he's put 'that' defeat behind him.

Plus; it's expected to be the Christmas blockbuster. The film, The Golden Compass, is based on the novel by Oxford writer Philip Pullman, and stars Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. Thames Valley reporter, Helen James, has been invited behind the scenes to discover some of the CGI secrets behind the fantasy bought to life.

Click here for an exclusive look behind the scenes of Christmas blockbuster.

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