Monday, 18 February 2008

Extra-Time: Our first show!

Last weekend ITV Local launched its live and interactive soccer show across all the regions. It was an exciting time for us as never before have we broadcast a programme live on our channel.

We wanted to give football fans a platform for lively debate, and lively debate is what we got!

Bristol Rovers beat Southampton to secure themselves a place in the FA Cup quarter finals for the first time in 50 years and Chelsea beat Huddersfield in a tense and thrilling match. But it was Barnsley's win against Liverpool that set the ball rolling as a delighted Barnsley fan was the first to call in to express his joy at their defeat of FA Cup giants Liverpool. His opinion kick-started the show as Reading, Norwich, Derby and Leicester fans all contacted the studio to give their own shout-outs.

Soccer Night's Kevin Piper and sports reporter Linda O'Brien headed the 90-minute long show with commentry from ex Arsenal player Perry Groves. With interviews from new Sheffield United boss Kevin Blackwell and ex-Coventry and Wolves player Willie Carr, the show offered a diverse range of content and debate which wouldn't have been possible without the people who really make the show; you.

Watch last week's show here.

Tune in to next week's programme live at 5.30pm on Saturday and let Extra-Time know what you think of Barnsley facing Chelsea in the FA Cup , Bristol taking on West Brom and Man Utd meeting Portsmouth in the FA Cup quarter finals.

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