Friday, 22 February 2008

Post Office closures for Wiltshire and Berkshire

Another day another Post Office closure.

Today, as the public consultation process ends, the Royal Mail has announced that a total of 33 post offices across Wiltshire and West Berkshire will now close.

It’s part of the Post Office shake up to cut costs and follows further closures in Kent, Sussex and Hampshire. Two and a half thousand branches will be closed nationally by the end of the year.

Many local residents say loosing their post office will be devastating for elderly people who depend on the amenities such as pension payments their branch provides. But Royal Mail insists that although it is a difficult decision it’s crucial for the business as more and more people are using the internet instead of posting letters.

You can see the full list of Post Office branches to shut here on ITV Local.

Plus – are you affected by the Post Office shake-up and want to share your views? Email us and we will add the best responses to our online page.

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