Friday, 9 May 2008

Big Weekend or Big Disappointment?

Whether you’ve got tickets or not the big topic of the moment is Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Maidstone, Kent. I’m sure there are plenty of happy people packing their bags and readying themselves for Madonna and more but there are also a lot of angry residents.

Ticket allocation, policing prices and parking gridlock have left a lot of locals disappointed over the past week.

Mote Park, the venue for this year’s concert, is just around the corner from our Meridian East base at the Maidstone Studios. We got our reporter Theresa Longbottom down there this morning to see how the preparations were going and to meet residents near by to see how they were feeling about the event. Early signs suggests not well. Many are disgruntled about the possible traffic gridlock on the way – others about having their public park closed on what could be the hottest weekend of the year.

And what about the price of policing? Recently Maidstone had to cancel its popular River Festival as organisers couldn’t afford the policing costs. So is Maidstone Council fitting the bill this weekend? If so is it right for the council to pick and choose the event it funds?

Well, we will try and answer all these questions and more on tonight’s programme at 6pm. But don’t let that stop you giving us your comments – what do you think? Will the concert bring Maidstone some needed press and tourist attention? Or is it disorganised and unfair?

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Anonymous said...

miserable gits! Relax and enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

once again the BBC has messed up, ticket alocation oops computer error ( they still need human input to work),didnt see that one coming, local residents have not been considered at all, houses backing onto the park have to put up with vibrating windows & doors & noise level thats increaseing by the hour.