Monday, 19 May 2008

Prime Minister asks for your questions

Political Producer Ben Burton blogs from Parliament

Meridian viewers have been using ITV Local for many years now to get in touch with the programme and tell us what you think.

Back at the Conservative Party Conference last year people even sent us their questions for the Tory leader David Cameron to answer.

Politicians have been a little bit slow to catch up with the internet though and are trying new ways to get us engaged with the process.

So if you think we don’t quiz the PM properly now is your chance to put him on the spot.

Downing Street has launched a You Tube channel and Gordon Brown will answer your questions.

But don’t think this is a chance to vent your anger at ever rising fuel prices or ask why your shopping bill seems to go up every week.

The PM’s suggestions for things you might like to ask about include: globalisation, climate change and public services. All important but unsurprisingly not subjects currently dominating the agenda-remember we are still watching Gordon’s fightback after the 10 pence tax problem!

Oh and by the way your video can’t be longer than 30 seconds, must contain no party political content and of course Number 10 reserves the right to select whatever questions they like?

What would you ask Gordon?

Visit Downing Street's You Tube page here.

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