Thursday, 19 June 2008

Breaking the North/South divide

Political Editor Phil Hornby blogs from Parliament

The north/south divide just got bigger.

Some of the cafes and restaurants in the Palace of Westminster are promising a special menu next week to celebrate food and drink from the South of England.

This hasn't gone down well with MPs from the north and the midlands, who are demanding similar weeks to celbrate their own regions' cuisine.

Black pudding and faggots? Can't wait.

So far, the south of England week seems to consist of just one meal: lobster, cooked in lemon, with a glass of English white wine thrown in. Price: 20 quid.

I'm not sure how many takers there will be, and I am not sure how representative of the south that meal is. Maybe they'll come up with some more recipes before the great week begins.

I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

jellied eels and liquor perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Yet another atttempt at stirring up trouble between English folk!
How come we never hear about the north and south of wales and it's differences? How come we never hear about how (some) people in glasgow dont identify at all with the so-called snobs in edinburgh? How come we never hear about the Orkneys and and how they ARE NOT scottish but norse?These attepts at causing trouble in England are pathetic!