Friday, 6 June 2008

Charlotte Wilkins' walking challenge: blog 1

19th May 2008 18:24

Well, week one has - on the whole – been a rather pleasurable experience. The weather at the beginning of the week certainly made life easier and I’ve enjoyed walking to and from work with the sun on my back and a spring in my step! I’ve been surprised I’ve managed to do the steps on most days and on others I’ve exceeded the target. I’ve even found at points that I’ve been excited to look at my pedometer just to see how many I’ve done…..
Talking of my pedometer… I don’t think it has enjoyed the ride quite so much. I think I may have dropped it a total of about 8 times, and it has nearly ended up in the toilet bowl twice. I think I need to invest in some sort of strap!
Also, I must remember that walking ten thousand steps a day is not a green light to eat and drink what ever I like, or to spend money on new clothes just because they will be ‘good for walking in’. I’m tempted to buy a bacon sandwich 4 times along my journey to work, the smell literally follows me up the London Road and then on to St James’s Street. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to hold out, so may have to find a new route.
I haven’t really done anything out of the ordinary this week, but I’m sure when I’m on holiday next week and the week after I’m going to find it difficult to reach my target…. Firstly I’m going to have to negotiate where my pedometer will sit on my bikini!

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