Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Sangeeta descends on Maidstone in the Race for Life

Mission Accomplished. Ok you're right- I don't look like Beyonce but I have now successfully run and walked (30:70 for those who like ratios) my first ever 5km Race for Life. It was a bit of a dodgy start- see for yourself but to be quite honest I was surprised by how short the distance actually seemed. Even in the blistering heat of Mote Park in Maidstone- going up and down those hills when I saw the 500m- I thought this can't be it- can it? It was. Willed on by lots of really nice people- clapping- some shouting Come On Sangeeta- I crossed the finish line and felt like that other Kent Golden Girl. Dame Kelly Holmes. There was even a medal at the end of it.

The time (for those of you who like statistics) about 45 minutes- but it really is a guestimate. What is really impressive though is my training partner- Deborah Puxty who has proved you can beat cancer- was there a good 15 minutes infront of me. She had joked that she may have to give me a piggy back but as I reached for my water bottle about 5 minutes in- she looked at me sympathetically and said 'Good Luck Darling- I'll be waiting for you at the end'.
The last few days have been quite emotional actually. There were nearly 4,500 women taking part at my event in Maidstone. Hundreds more in Eastbourne that day too. All running for someone they cared for. All amazing people with stories that can't help but move you ( physically and emotionally).
I decided to run this race in the interest of telly and belly but also for Jaswant Mamaji (Mamaji means maternal Uncle in Hindi). He lost his fight against cancer earlier this year. I know he was smiling down at me.
Watch Sangeeta's report from Mote Park here

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